Saturday, September 24, 2016

8-8:45am: Check-in, voting & breakfast

9:00-9:15am: Review PCamp rules & how the day will flow

9:15-9:30am: Quick small group activity

9:40-10:30am: Session 1

  • 200 A/B:  The 50 West Experience: How Creating Unique Experiences Can Turn a Consumer into a Believer (Bobby Slattery)
  • 415 A: 5 Foundations of Great Storytelling (Jade Kendall)
  • 415 B: Why You Need a Creative Shift for Product Success (Steve Ramos)
  • 417: "ING" The Thing: From Tech to Toliet Paper, Ever Brand Interaction Should be a Memorable Experience (Jeffrey Miller)

10:40-11:30am: Session 2

  • 200 A/B: Cincinnati Region Startup Ecosystem and Innovation, Commercialization, Entrepreneurship (Paul Vollbracht)
  • 415 A: From Half-Baked Idea to Prototype in a Week: The Design Sprint (Tim Metzner)
  • 415 B: There's No Secret Sauce - Best Practices from the World's Outstanding Corporate Innovators (Wayne Fisher)
  • 417: Getting the Right Things Done: Managing Your Personal Roadmap (Michael Hickerson)

11:30-12:30pm: Lunch

12:40-1:30pm: Session 3

  • 200 A/B:  WTF?!! How to Make Sense Out of Customer Feedback that Translates to Killer Products (Bob Wasson)
  • 415 A: Don't Be a Gold Digger (Rebecca Abona)
  • 415 B: The Future of Funding a Startup: Equity Crowdfunding (Marvin Abrinica)
  • 417: 10 Things About UX That Designers Wish You Knew (Chris Bovard)

1:40-2:30pm: Session 4

  • 200 A/B: Want Big Innovation? Try Some Big Context (Adam Malofsky)
  • 415 A: The Eternal Innovation Incubator (Paul Miklautsch)
  • 415 B: Growth Hacker Marketing (Keith Johnson)
  • 417: User Insights for the Whole Team(Darren Kall)

2:40-2:50pm: Closing of PCamp

2:40-4:30pm: Session 5 (aka Happy Hour!)