InfoTrust is a Google Analytics Certified Partner, Google Analytics Premium Reseller and Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner, helping organizations of all sizes analyze their digital marketing presence to increase online marketing ROI through conversion optimization and CRM integration.

"Continuous learning and supporting the local community are both key components of InfoTrust’s culture, so we’re very excited to have the opportunity to sponsor ProductCamp Cincinnati this year” says Alex Yastrebenetsky, InfoTrust CEO. “Evolving with the industry while working with others to do the same is so important to InfoTrust that 20% of our consultants' time is spent on continued learning activities. In fact, a few of them are attending ProductCamp in two days!”


Although we're an analytics company at heart, we develop some very cool SAAS software in-house. From our first product Tag Inspector, to our latest Analyze.ly, we're all about a little R&D.



With EMI Research Solutions, you get an agile, focused team of research professionals with over 17 years of experience in building research samples. They literally enable your project to deliver the data you need, even if the respondents you require are difficult to find or are in another part of the world. EMI will work with you as an extension of your team to provide hands-on project management with one point of contact, with an unparalleled level of responsiveness, creativity and flexibility to navigate any issues.

“Our strength is more than simply providing a service, but also using our people, our skills and our tenacity to reach the optimal outcome every time. The outcome is more than the number of people who complete a survey. It is the relief of knowing your respondents are correctly matched to your study. It is the security your study will happen as expected on budget and on time. It is the peace of mind that someone is uncommonly dedicated to you and your best interests. The outcome is what we must be known for and differentiates us from every other research sampling company out there", said Joey Adams of EMI Research

EMI is a local small business start up with a mission to support other local companies whether in the start up process or in existing business. While EMI was founded in 1999 they continue to hold on to their entrepreneurial spirit 17 years later. EMI is nimble and quick, shifting swiftly with the needs of their clients. Great ideas are born every day and they want to do everything possible to influence the development, positioning, advertising, and ultimately the long term success of those products and brands they serve. 

Having once been a startup and having gone through challenges they’re going through now, EMI Research Solutions feels that they can add some unique perspective. They understand what it's like to be a "small" guy going up against some larger companies for a piece of the market and business.  

Joey noted, "Beside loving…Innovation, Marketing, Insights, Research, and the Queen City…we are excited to be a part of ProductCamp this year to learn from speakers and others at the event.  Consistently learning is important to all business and something we need to stay open to especially as a small business.  It is what can set us apart from our larger counterparts.  We look forward to applying the ideas and principals shared here to provide a positive impact in our community going forward".

EMI lives and breathes insights.  We help capture the right data to inform brands of the best direction for their business.  Avoiding landmines and helping to uncover goldmines.   







Corporate teams are under pressure like never before as competition comes not only from the “big guys,” but also from startups and small, nimble companies and trends that seem to move faster than the speed of light. 

"One of the best things about the startup ecosystem in Cincinnati is that we all make a point to support each other in our endeavors. Supporting ProductCamp is healthy for the community and benefits our friends, our partners and ourselves. We all want to see Cincinnati continue to do amazing things, and we can help each other achieve that together through unique events like this that strengthen our ecosystem",  noted Jason Hauer, Co-Founder.

At The Garage Group, they hang out with startups, but also work with established brands and big companies on strategy, ideation and insights. More than anything, The Garage Group loves to bring corporate teams back to the heart of that entrepreneurial hunger, drive and agility that builds great initiatives, brands and companies.

In a further conversation with Jason, he said, "ProductCamp embodies the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit that we strive to live by at The Garage Group, so helping to cofound and staying involved with PCamp feels like a natural extension for our company. It's inspiring to see our ecosystem come together to learn from one another and to push each other to get better".

The Garage Group brings startup-inspired approaches that enable corporate teams and brands to imagine and iteratively develop breakthrough strategy and truly new ideas. They ask their clients to check “we can’t do that’s” at the door. The Garage Group brings the leadership, hustle and courage needed to allow teams to think bolder.  

Their clients include Fortune 1,000 companies like Nike, Procter and Gamble, Pepsico, Kellogg’s, Mars Petcare, Abbott Nutrition, Heinz, and Staples, and brands like Charmin, Pringles, Nutro, PediaSure and Yankee Candle.



Pendo was founded in 2013 when alumni from Rally, Google, Cisco, and Red Hat combined their heads and hearts to build something they wanted but never had as product managers — a simple way to understand and attack what truly drives product success.

"We’re on a mission to make software around the world more successful. With Pendo, our customers can uncover what truly drives their product success and elevate their customer experience. We are enterprise-grade and highly driven, but will never lose our southern soul".

With powerful analytics, in-application user feedback, and contextual guidance designed to help companies measure and elevate the customer experience within their applications, Pendo is on a mission to improve society’s xperience with software.

Proudly built in North Carolina but engineered to scale globally without losing that soul.



Astronomer helps organizations achieve their data-driven initiatives by providing a platform that allows "citizen developers" to easily create and monitor data pipelines. 

"ProductCamp Cincinnati brings together the vibrant, forward-leaning business community within the city and helps energize, teach and grow businesses", noted Andy Ruberg, Enterprise Account Director. "At Astronomer, we embrace high energy, innovation and connecting with the community. We believe this is integral to the Cincinnati ecosystem and we're excited to participate in the event!"

Do you need ... centralized data from silos into a data warehouse?  

With the growth of Big Data and Data Science, there is an increasing need to automate data pipelines from APIs, apps, departmental databases, and even from your customers—into your data warehouse.

Do you need ... real-time data processing and algorithms?

If you need to collect data from web/mobile applications but need flexibility and customizability that Segment's platform doesn't provide, we offer an alternative backend.

Do you need ... data sharing with partners and customers?

If you need to exchange data with customers and disparate data systems, Astronomer can provide a solution to you that will reduce friction to getting the data flowing.

Then its time to connect with astronomer to learn how they help organizations build their data-driven future!


SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT - Brand Evolutions

Brand Evolutions is a Cincinnati based print shop, offering ANY custom design for ANY activity!  


Their specialties include athletic events and charity walks/runs, large and small. From apparel to signage, your event will be in good hands.

"It is my pleasure to be a part of Product Camp again this year", said Trey Walker, C00/President of Brand Evolution, "and to participate in a sponsorship capacity as well as providing the t-shirts to be given out to attendees".

Their Mission - Help companies, organizations, teams, and individuals represent their Brand.

Their Passion -  Partner with you to Evolve your Brand through merchandising!

Brand Evolutions began as a simple idea to streamline and evolve the merchandise offerings for the Flying Pig Marathon. We saw a need and a way to take the burden of merchandise procurement and e-store management/fulfillment away from the long list of staff responsibilities, allowing them to focus on what they did best, putting on one of the country’s most popular marathons. That following year the Flying Pig Marathon saw record merchandise sales, adding to the Pig’s ongoing mission of raising money for local charities.

Trey also noted,  "We feel it is important to support the local product community because it is in this community that our company lives and breathes.  It is where we, like so many other businesses find our life blood to thrive and grow.  A strong local "product" community naturally distills down to a strong "person" community, and at the end of the day it is great people behind great companies that make great communities."

Let them help you Sport Your Brand!

SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT: 50 West Brewing Company

Located in a former roadside speakeasy on US Route 50 heading west into the city of Cincinnati, Fifty West Brewing Company first opened its doors in November of 2012. Since then, one thing has remained the same. Every time you have a Fifty West beer, you know it was handmade in small batches with a focus on the four virtues we hold closest to our hearts: craftsmanship, tradition, innovation, and patience.

"Fifty West is proud to sponsor this year's Product Camp Cincinnati", Said Tommy Hemmer, Director of Marketing and Communications.  "We believe that innovators and product developers ceaselessly advance our culture by creating solutions to problems that people may not even know they have. We believe that self-discovery can only be achieved through self-exploration, and product developers are constantly exploring. The partnership couldn't have made more sense."  

Tommy - we all totally agree, and are thankful that our ProductCamp attendees will get to enjoy 50 West's innovation ... a truly craftsman beer!  

If you haven't already, you certainly will make a visit to the brewery, after sampling 50 West beer! 


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