Topics you'll find at ProductCamp Cincinnati

ProductCamp Cincinnati is designed by passionate product people for passionate product people. As an un-conference, anyone (including you!) can submit a proposed talk that will be voted on by attendees. Those talks can cover a range of subjects and take all kinds of formats.

When you arrive to ProductCamp Cincinnati, your first task (or second if you count "drink coffee") is to vote on the talk ideas you'd most like to see. The talks with the most votes are then aligned into an agenda for the day. This crowd-sourced approach to content is one of the key principles of ProductCamp Cincinnati.

We have some great talks already submitted and ready for preview! Remember, new talks are added to this preview up to and including the day of ProductCamp when you'll actually vote for the talks you want to see (assuming you're registered).

Click here to preview the Vote Wall you'll see on Saturday, September 24, 2016.