The Future of Funding a Startup: Equity Crowdfunding


Marvin Abrinica, CEO Founder at Thrivera

View Marvin's slides here.'re an entrepreneur? A tech startup, an aspiring brewery, or a main street business.

You're the reason why Cincinnati is the fastest growing large economy in the midwest. BUT you know how hard it is to raise capital, which is why many startups are left underfunded. That's because a small pool of wealthy angel investors were the only ones allowed to legally invest in startups...until now.

Equity Crowdfunding is flipping the venture capital industry on its head. Your startup can now legally raise money from a new class of "everyday investors" who don't have to be angel investors. These new investors who weren't part of the club before, are eager to support local startups. This changes everything.

Could this be the Future of Fundraising for Startups?