Corporate teams are under pressure like never before as competition comes not only from the “big guys,” but also from startups and small, nimble companies and trends that seem to move faster than the speed of light. 

"One of the best things about the startup ecosystem in Cincinnati is that we all make a point to support each other in our endeavors. Supporting ProductCamp is healthy for the community and benefits our friends, our partners and ourselves. We all want to see Cincinnati continue to do amazing things, and we can help each other achieve that together through unique events like this that strengthen our ecosystem",  noted Jason Hauer, Co-Founder.

At The Garage Group, they hang out with startups, but also work with established brands and big companies on strategy, ideation and insights. More than anything, The Garage Group loves to bring corporate teams back to the heart of that entrepreneurial hunger, drive and agility that builds great initiatives, brands and companies.

In a further conversation with Jason, he said, "ProductCamp embodies the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit that we strive to live by at The Garage Group, so helping to cofound and staying involved with PCamp feels like a natural extension for our company. It's inspiring to see our ecosystem come together to learn from one another and to push each other to get better".

The Garage Group brings startup-inspired approaches that enable corporate teams and brands to imagine and iteratively develop breakthrough strategy and truly new ideas. They ask their clients to check “we can’t do that’s” at the door. The Garage Group brings the leadership, hustle and courage needed to allow teams to think bolder.  

Their clients include Fortune 1,000 companies like Nike, Procter and Gamble, Pepsico, Kellogg’s, Mars Petcare, Abbott Nutrition, Heinz, and Staples, and brands like Charmin, Pringles, Nutro, PediaSure and Yankee Candle.