SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT - Brand Evolutions

Brand Evolutions is a Cincinnati based print shop, offering ANY custom design for ANY activity!  


Their specialties include athletic events and charity walks/runs, large and small. From apparel to signage, your event will be in good hands.

"It is my pleasure to be a part of Product Camp again this year", said Trey Walker, C00/President of Brand Evolution, "and to participate in a sponsorship capacity as well as providing the t-shirts to be given out to attendees".

Their Mission - Help companies, organizations, teams, and individuals represent their Brand.

Their Passion -  Partner with you to Evolve your Brand through merchandising!

Brand Evolutions began as a simple idea to streamline and evolve the merchandise offerings for the Flying Pig Marathon. We saw a need and a way to take the burden of merchandise procurement and e-store management/fulfillment away from the long list of staff responsibilities, allowing them to focus on what they did best, putting on one of the country’s most popular marathons. That following year the Flying Pig Marathon saw record merchandise sales, adding to the Pig’s ongoing mission of raising money for local charities.

Trey also noted,  "We feel it is important to support the local product community because it is in this community that our company lives and breathes.  It is where we, like so many other businesses find our life blood to thrive and grow.  A strong local "product" community naturally distills down to a strong "person" community, and at the end of the day it is great people behind great companies that make great communities."

Let them help you Sport Your Brand!