Astronomer helps organizations achieve their data-driven initiatives by providing a platform that allows "citizen developers" to easily create and monitor data pipelines. 

"ProductCamp Cincinnati brings together the vibrant, forward-leaning business community within the city and helps energize, teach and grow businesses", noted Andy Ruberg, Enterprise Account Director. "At Astronomer, we embrace high energy, innovation and connecting with the community. We believe this is integral to the Cincinnati ecosystem and we're excited to participate in the event!"

Do you need ... centralized data from silos into a data warehouse?  

With the growth of Big Data and Data Science, there is an increasing need to automate data pipelines from APIs, apps, departmental databases, and even from your customers—into your data warehouse.

Do you need ... real-time data processing and algorithms?

If you need to collect data from web/mobile applications but need flexibility and customizability that Segment's platform doesn't provide, we offer an alternative backend.

Do you need ... data sharing with partners and customers?

If you need to exchange data with customers and disparate data systems, Astronomer can provide a solution to you that will reduce friction to getting the data flowing.

Then its time to connect with astronomer to learn how they help organizations build their data-driven future!