So, you want to speak at ProductCamp Cincinnati

Excellent! Submitting a talk for ProductCamp Cincinnati is a great way to get feedback on an idea, share your own personal story, shape insights from a discussion with peers, or just ask a compelling question that passionate product people could answer.

Get ready to speak at ProductCamp Cincinnati in three steps:

  1. Register to speak, submitting your talk idea
  2. Prepare to speak
  3. If your idea is selected, speak!

Register to speak, submitting your talk idea

Select the I want to speak! option when registering for ProductCamp Cincinnati. At this stage your talk idea might be just that: only an idea! You can work on the content and format later, but be prepared to tell us a little about your idea when registering.

Prepare to speak

Follow our guidelines, get feedback from others, and work on your content and format. You can place as much or as little preparation into a ProductCamp Cincinnati talk as you like. In fact, too much prep could mean you lose some of your energy during the actual event: find the right balance for you. We'll host a few Speaker Workshops in September where you can get additional feedback, but you can always give us a shout at to ask questions.

If your idea is selected, speak!

The idea behind ProductCamp is to create content by the people, for the people. Session proposals will be voted on by those in attendance to create a uniquely useful camp experience. So like the Boy Scouts, Be Prepared. Many speakers will be able to talk throughout the day and if you're one of them, get up and do your thing!

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