Products We Love: Kapture

Ever try and re-tell something your friend said and you had to end it with "I guess you had to be there"? Thanks to Cincinnati startup Kapture, these awkward story telling moments are avoidable. Kapture is an audio recording device that you wear on your wrist. Although, it is not your average recorder. Once you double tap the device, the last 60 seconds of audio around you will be recorded and sent to the connected Kapture app on your smartphone. kapture

With this audio product, life's funny, important and quick moments are impossible to miss. Most importantly, with the app connection, the moments can now be shared with others and saved for a lifetime. From the innovative technology to the creative, retro microphone design, Kapture is making major waves in the tech space. In their Kickstarter campaign, the company acquired over 1,200 backers and over $160,000. They are now shipping out their devices all over and continuing to make improvements to the device to make it even stronger. Make sure to check out Kapture and hold on to life's best moments.