Products We Love: Cintrifuse

Have you noticed a lot going on around Cincinnati? Other than the wonderful people, beer and history, the emerging startup business culture and growing success of these new companies cannot be ignored. How are these companies doing so well? How has Cincinnati become TechHire City? We can thank Cintrifuse. Although it is not exactly a product, Cintrifuse is the company that is helping to grow the Cincinnati business scene by being the accelerator for the Cincy ecosystem. They help to pair big companies with new companies to share funds, talent and ideas. Cintrifuse is constantly working to promote new companies in town with different events, money, work space and connections.

And they are only just getting started.

In August, Cintrifuse, The Brandery and CincyTech decided it was time to shack up together in Over-The-Rhine's Union Hall in order to create a central hub for Cincinnati's startup scene. Now, these three companies will be able to work together to keep bringing in more resources to our community. With more resources, we can make room for more product innovation, design and creation. Thank you, Cintrifuse, for helping to jump start Cincinnati product development!