ProductCamp Speakers — 2 of 2 Posts

I’m stoked for ProductCamp tomorrow. The doors will open at 8am at Paycor (see here for the details I sent yesterday). Below is the 2nd half of the speakers and some great Friday reading as you buy your time until the weekend. Our speakers are diverse, experienced, adventurous, and innovative. 

I’m not quite sure how I’d vote on Saturday. We each get 4 votes, so use them wisely. Voting starts at 8am and closes at 9am. During that time, we will be enjoying some great coffee, donuts, and bagels from Bagelry! We will kick the conference off at 9am and then hear from Alchemy before starting the sessions. Be sure to stay until 3:30 when the Happy Hour starts with March First Brewing.

For new signups or if you missed our past emails:

Leila Kubesch

  • Cash is the lifeblood of a business and becomes the focus of any growing business. There are many ways find it and some are more popular than others. Leila has tapped into some of the less common sources of capital and can help to do so as well.

Marce Epstein

  • Website & “You have the vision. We craft the message.” her website says. Cutting through the noise and connecting with your audience is one of the hardest things to do in the Information Age. I’m interested to learn more about how Marce can help myself and others do this. Check out this cool gif bringing in the halloween spirit.

Jonathan Smith

  • Website & leveraging a newly discovered by old medium — text messaging — is helping us achieve our goals. I’m excited to hear from Jonathan about his experience building a great product within the confines of two world class accelerators. 

Kevin Habich

  • Website & being the CTO of a company that has a product on as large of a platform as Shark Tank is a rare feat. Even harder is keeping your website up and running during a time of high traffic (anyone who has tried to buy a tickets to a popular concert knows this) and Kevin was able to do this. He’s now embarking on a few AR projects. I’m pretty bullish on that technology.

Chad Gardner

  • Website & I’d argue that is one of Cincy’s hottest startups and as Head of Product, Chad sits at in the middle of a very innovative engineering product while working to mold it to something that very large companies can integrate into their products and business models.

Jade Kendall

  • Blog Post about his talk & One of the few PCamp veteran speakers this year, I’m intrigued by Jade’s talk about “post-truth” storytelling. A recent buzz word but something that we as product managers and marketers need to be aware of as our products may be interpreted through this lens.

Clifford Adams

  • Cliff is going to challenge our understanding of Agile(c), a well known buzz word with a wide range of diverse implementations within companies. Cliff is going to help us unpack what Agile is and give us some tools and concepts that we can implement in our businesses.

Steve Ramos

  • website & another veteran of PCamp, Steve is keyed into the various was in which we can leverage storytelling to connect with our audience. Steve writes, “there are always going to be new digital tools and additional platforms for engaging audiences. However, nothing inspires a community like great stories.”

Justine Daley, Molly Baldwin, Paul Fisher

  • Website & co-founded by Jason Hauer, a ProductCamp co-founder and coming in at #945 on the Inc 5000, the second fastest growing company The Garage Group is an exciting company with deep experience bringing innovation practices to bigcos all across the US.

Jack Schroder

  • website & from CERN to 84.51 to Facebook and now Spatial, Jack has some interesting data science experiences but will be drawing more on the softer, intangible side of collaboration recognizing that high performing teams outperform high performers and feedback is a critical part of creating high performing teams.

Eisha Armstrong

  • With the only Women focused talk, Eisha is hitting on an important subject. One that is highlighted in “developer” culture but has yet to be permeate “product” culture — but it should. Diversity in teams has been shown to be nothing but positive and doing everything we can to encourage women to enter product is beneficial.

Robert Wasson and Peter Allen

  • Website & from Peter Allen’s Linkedin, “the intersection of different disciplines and perspectives lies at the heart of innovation. My background embodies this with a unique combination of the precision of a physicist, the empathy of a cognitive behavior scientist... “ that sounds like the holy grail of product.

Stefon Towler

  • Website & how visceral and real is this quote from Stefon, "My day is equal parts challenging and fun, filled with walls covered in sticky notes, the smell of fresh sharpies and the kind of pain you get in your head from trying to immerse yourself in the lives of others."? Hear him leverage his experiences to discuss design thinking.

Simcha Kackley

  • Marketing attribution is pretty hard (ask InfoTrust, a PCamp Sponsor, if you need help!) but Simcha is focused on not only measuring marketing but tying it back to the most effective marketing strategies so that you are driving the most ROI for your business.

Ryan and the ProductCamp Team