ProductCamp Speakers - 1 of 2 posts

We are just a few days away from ProductCamp at Paycor on Saturday the 15th. I’m excited to hear from our expert speakers who range from Directors of Product Management at Fortune 500 companies, to company founders, to industry leading consultants. We have a wide range of speakers to choose from, and in true “unconference” format, you will be the ones choosing who actually talks at ProductCamp.

We will have about 20 or so speakers to choose from and select the top 16 vote getters to be our speakers. There will be four rounds of speakers and each round will contain four speakers. We have a Trello board that you can go to to see the topics and a summary of each submitted talk. Feel free to take a look and review the talks ahead of time so that you know who you want to vote for and see at ProductCamp.

Below is a list of just half of our speakers and a link to their Linkedin and links to other information that I’ve found interesting from them (I will send the second half of this email in just a few days):

Chris Hendrixson 

John Flach 

  • website & a favorite quote from him — "The key idea is that thinking does not happen in a disembodied head or brain, but rather, through physically and socially engaging with the world"

Doug Collins

Chuck Libourel

  • website & I’m excited to hear from Chuck on how he focuses on process excellence, network depth, and speed to profit in designing and road-mapping new products.

Karim Noujaim

  • website & Karim is a PCamp veteran, I really enjoyed his talk in 2016 about how to leverage Amazon + cheap marketing to drive sales. Have you thought about Amazon as a sales channel for your product?

Aaron Kopel

  • website & a great blog post on the Agile Mindset (its more than just a set of processes but a collection of values and principals).

Kevin Mackey

  • Medium Blog & PCamp Blog Post introducing his talk — my favorite concept in the post is this —"In my experience, the simplest solution to miscommunications between techies and non-technies is creating a culture of “healthy questioning”.

Richard Perez

  • Richard brings 25 years of P&G innovation experience to Product Camp with a talk on four types of innovation styles and how to use them when brainstorming with a team.

Product Camp is better with friends and coworkers! Besides learning from these great speakers we have, networking is a key component to Product Camp. Our doors will open at 8am for a light breakfast and coffee, then we will have an hour and a half for lunch and a happy hour at the end of the day. During this time, you can debrief about the talks you’ve found interesting (and make plans to implement within your organization!) and network with some of the other attendees. We have over 75 companies represented so far, with attendees ranging from CEOs and founders, to product managers, developers, and designers, to students at Miami, Xavier, and UC.

Tell your friends to go here to register: