Introducing our 2018 ProductCamp Sponsors!

We have a host of amazing sponsors this year who are powering the 2018 Product Camp conference. I’m happy to share them with you and hope that you get to know them if you do not already. As you know, Product Management is growing and continues to do so both nationally and in the Cincinnati area. In 2017, the State of Salaries report from Hired shows that Product Management is the highest paying job in tech, with 14% wage growth over the last 3 years (higher than analytics, dev, and design) in this survey. And the reason, is that "It’s hard to hire good product managers.

Our sponsors range from seasoned Fortune 500 companies, who are aggressively innovating as competition heats up in the market, to companies focused on supporting the evolution of these “BigCos.” They are helping shape what defines what a Product Manager is through giving talks at Product Camp (check them out), to producing written though leadership on their blogs, to training the next generation of product managers.

Be sure to reach out to them at Product Camp, sign-up for their newsletters, and follow them on Twitter for up to date information.

Alchemy (Presenting Sponsor)

  • "Alchemy is reinventing the way that P&G brands connect with and deliver value to consumers."

  • The big fear of any growing company is to become a Blockbuster, or more recently a Toys “R” Us. But Procter and Gamble is one of only 60 companies that were in the Fortune 500 in both 1955 and 2017 (88% of companies that were on the list in 1955 are no longer on that list).

  • One of the reasons it is in this storied list of companies is it’s focus on creating organizations like Alchemy focused on hiring (bottom of page), training, and leveraging top product talent and applying out of the box innovations to its core brands to create new innovations like Olay Skin Advisor.



  • Paycor has grown from a start-up to a $200m company taking on some extremely large competitors in the payroll industry from right here in Cincinnati. They are focused on helping business drive efficiency into their HR function in a very holistic manner, starting with payroll but providing a 360 solution around the entire lifecycle of the employee.

  • Brian Craft of Paycor, cofounded ProductCamp Cincinnati in 2014, and each year Paycor has graciously hosted the PCamp Conference.

  • Like the companies above, Paycor continues to look for Product Managers to help develop an HR suite of products and drive growth into new channels.

Spry Labs

  • Spry Labs is a venture building studio "fueled by consumer insight and human-centered design, all while leveraging an active member network to scale tech-based solutions.” They partner with BigCos like Humana (weekend Data Jams), Bethesda (project: Benny), P&G, and Worldpay to build out of the box solutions using best in class processes. In the past, they’ve taken on some of the toughest challenges in health by hosting the following events: Hacking Heroin and Suicide project.

  • Sign up here to get involved (and check out the Cintrifuse calendar for future events)

The Garage Group

Xavier Center for Innovation

  • "The Xavier University Center for Innovation was designed by and for students, staff, and faculty. We also work closely with start-ups, nonprofits, and corporations to bring the latest innovations, technologies, and best practices to our students, community, and world."

  • College is about experimenting and trying new things, coupling this with challenges that bigger companies are facing allows the Xavier Center for Innovation to take a very fresh and take on old problems, without the baggage of dogma.

  • For experienced professionals, you can give back and help foster the next generation of creative minds through the Xavier Mentorship program (you do not have to be an alumni, just 3+ years of professional experience!


  • Pendo is proud to be a sponsor of ProductCamp Cincinnati! We're happy to offer all ProductCamp members a free copy of our new eBook, "The Product Cloud." It’s a definitive look at how purpose-built tools are converging around a new software stack for product managers by Pendo, InVision, FullStory and others.

  • Seven thought-provoking chapters illustrate how modern product people work. Chapters include roadmapping, design and prototyping, feature flagging and experimentation, user onboarding and education, usage analytics, session replay, and user feedback and sentiment.

  • This is the toolchain of the modern product leader. Download your free copy today!


  • InfoTrust “helps clients become data confident” and has done this with 20 Fortune 500 companies. They are leaders in using website data to leverage customer insight and turn them into actionable results enabling their customers to drive marketing and sales growth.

  • Their success in doing this has placed them on the INC 5000 list of the fastest growing companies for the last 3 years!

  • Check out their upcoming webinar on “Common Analytics Pain Points for Publishers (And How to Fix Them!)”

In just a few days, I’ll follow up with the 2nd half of speakers (see the first half here) and some information that you need for ProductCamp 2018.

Product Camp is free and registration is still open — make sure your friends know that!