Idea starters for speaking at ProductCamp Cincinnati

We’re searching for passionate local product people – people with responsibilities to dream, build, launch or support some product or service. So, you have a lot of leeway on the topics your talk could cover!

If you don’t already have a topic in mind, check out our list of possible topics below. You don’t need to take one of these examples literally, but it should give you some sense of the content behind your talk.


  • Competition (positioning, competitive strategy)
  • Business Model architecture
  • Pricing Strategy


  • Competitor Analysis & Assessment
  • Product Opportunity Evaluation
  • User Testing & Interviews


  • Lean Product/Market Fit Discovery
  • Living with “Wagile” (waterfall+agile environment, the norm not the exception)
  • Roadmap Definition & Prioritization


  • Emerging Tech Trends (Internet of things, wearable, mobile)
  • Technology Strategy (commoditization, outsourcing, open source)
  • Digital Media (4 screens, TV, cross-channel)


  • User Centered Design (personas & goals, wireframes)
  • Data-Driven Optimization (analytics, A/B testing, engagement/conversions)
  • Mobile (mobile first, responsive design, native vs. mobile web)


  • Integrated Marketing / Multi Channel Attribution
  • Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing
  • Who should own Marketing Technology?


  • Raising funding (when/how)
  • Building a Team
  • Where the opportunities are


  • Production and supply chain
  • Infrastructure growth
  • Feedback loops

Once you've landed on your topic, start thinking about possible formats for your talk and, most importantly, register to speak so your talk can be voted on by the ProductCamp Cincinnati attendees!