Help ProductCamp Cincinnati empower the next generation with Iridescent

At ProductCamp Cincinnati 2016, you'll have the opportunity to contribute a donation to Iridescent, a science education nonprofit that inspires and equips girls, children and families to imagine, invent and engineer.

"We wanted to add a charitable component, an opportunity to empower others in the multiple fields represented at ProductCamp Cincinnati," said Brian Craft, co-founder of the event. "We found Iridescent because of their focus on the broader ideal of discovery, not just the sciences or technology. That imagination and curiosity is the central theme you find at ProductCamp Cincinnati across the diverse background of our attendees. We asked, 'Why not tap into that core character trait and help inspire the next generation of dreamers and doers?'"

You can find a donation station for Iridescent during the morning welcome session, lunch, and Session 5 (the happy hour) at ProductCamp Cincinnati on Saturday, September 24. Only cash accepted this year.

Still not registered for #pcampcincy? Register here (limited seats remaining!) or submit a talk for the opportunity to speak.

Learn more about Iridescent and its programs here.