Everything #pcampcincy volunteers need to know


The important thing about volunteering is to be flexible! If you are also a PCamp attendee, we'll ask you to jump out to help in these areas as needed.

Facilities! Rearrange various rooms (tables, chairs), supply a fresh batch of dry-erase markers into certain rooms, and help hang directional signage throughout the building. Or clean up and reset everything if working the Saturday shift.

Hello! In general, you'll hang around the lobby. In the morning, be ready to check in our 200+ guests, then send them to the Vote Wall and breakfast. The rest of the day, be the smiling face of PCamp for anyone arriving/leaving and provide directions as needed.

Sherpa! As the name implies, you'll help guests navigate through the building, finding breakout session rooms, the Pavilion, or the restrooms.

Room President! You'll be stationed with a specific breakout room and keep it running smoothly throughout the day: helping speakers with materials or A/V challenges, stocking the room with water bottles, that sort of thing. We'd also like you to live-tweet great comments from the speakers in your room...so bring a device from which you can tweet!

When to arrive

That's easy; arrive early: --Friday shift starts @ 5pm in Room 100 Welcome Room --Saturday shifts start at various times...reference the signup list if needed

What to wear

Be comfortable. Wear nice jeans or typical Friday attire if you're a Paycor person. When you check in, we'll have your fancy orange PCamp Volunteer shirts ready for pickup. You'll wear these throughout the day so participants can find you if they need help.

What to bring

Yourself mostly. You may also want to bring a tablet/phone to connect to the WiFi. If you're a Paycor person, have your company laptop onsite...we may need these as a presentation backup plan. Also bring a great attitude ready to help make this inaugural event amazing.

Can I work more than my designated shift?

Yes! Go for it. In fact, we hope you'll spend the day at PCamp to interact with the attendees and join the happy hour.

Do I get free food (or beer)?

Yes! (well, if you're volunteering on Saturday) Grab some coffee in the morning and lunch or a drink at the happy hour.

Can I join a session that sounds interesting?

If you're clearly not needed for volunteering duties, yes, dive right in. Don't leave your fellow volunteers hanging though.

What do I do if I need help?

Find the volunteer lead or call Carolyn Johnson directly (513-406-2103).

What do I do if there is an emergency?

Like a real emergency? Call 911. Then find or call Carolyn. You can also get the security guard from the Front Desk. Be familiar with the Paycor HQ emergency info found on the COR (must be a Paycor employee to access this information).