Products We Love: Roadtrippers

There's nothing like those long road trips full of adventure and exploration! Although, with how many places there are and things to see, how do you sort through it all? There is nothing worse than the stress of having to go through millions of travel websites to figure out what is best for your travel plans, travel timing and your wallet. Luckily, there's a solution! Welcome to the world of Roadtrippers, Cincinnati's fast-growing web and mobile travel planning platform. Roadtrippers-trees

Think of Roadtrippers as the magical map help for all of your road trips. When you take these long trips, it can be so easy to get stressed about where to go, where to stop, where to stay...what happens to the joy of traveling? You can leave it up to Roadtrippers to figure out what's best for your trip! The best part about this product is how it streamlines the entire travel process for you. From booking hotels to discovering the hidden gems of Farmtown, USA, Roadtrippers is your one-stop-shop for becoming an expert traveler.

So the next time you find yourself with 15 tabs open, struggling to plan the trip that was supposed to be easy and fun, remember Roadtrippers! Remember to use the product that allows you to be not only a more relaxed traveler, but an adventurous road-tripper!



Products We Love: The Garage Group

For any company, it's important that the products and services offered are up to date with market trends and meet the needs of consumers. Although, for companies that are rich with history and tradition, how do you make sure that your brand is staying fresh in the minds of different customers? Thanks to The Garage Group, it's simple. The-Garage-Group

"Think like a startup". These simple words are the essence of The Garage Group's mission: to help big, established companies get back to the entrepreneurial thinking that made them successful in the first place. When searching for new product innovations, it can be easy for companies to skip past the roots of creating with customers in mind. Being an entrepreneur is all about exploring the problems of consumers with a product or service. The Garage group uses various research and studying methods to help companies understand their customer group's needs and challenges.

Once these areas are fully explored and the true needs of consumers are discovered, this is when the most genuine product innovation occurs. Through The Garage Group's research methods, companies can get past basic insights into customer demographics and have the chance to get more of those "a-ha!" moments with customers.

Thanks to companies like The Garage Group, product innovation is more relevant to the needs of all consumers. Now the question is: is your company's product truly meeting the needs of your customer demographics?