What is ProductCamp?

ProductCamp is a loose affiliation of “un-conferences” organized locally by volunteers. The global network was founded in 2008. The “un-conference” structure, plus support from our volunteers and sponsors, enables ProductCamp to be free. They tend to be one-day events (no, not a “camp” in the sleepover sense) full of speakers and activities from the local region.

There are ProductCamps all around the world — you can see most of them here!

ProductCamp was brought to Cincinnati in 2014 by a fantastic team of leaders and volunteers who uncovered a robust and thriving product community.

2018 is powered by Ryan Willging, David Hollabaugh, Marci Campbell, James Allsup, Nick Gagai, and Iain Kirsch

Founders of Product Camp Cincinnati


As Co-founder and Co-CEO of The Garage Group, Jason is known for helping BigCo leaders, clients, and colleagues strike out of their comfort zone and hustle persistently to make progress. As an experienced entrepreneur, growth hacker, and F2000 Lean Growth Strategist, Jason teaches and empowers leaders to adopt a growth mindset, so they can stay relevant and grow.

Stacy Sheldon

President and Co-founder of Healthii and POMIET. Stacy is passionate about promoting peace of mind in healthcare via user-friendly technology systems, collaborative work practices, and common sense leadership.

Brian Craft

ProductCamp Cincinnati owes a lot to Brian. He was the muscle behind the previous camps and forged the connection between PCamp and Paycor. Brian is a currently a Group Product Manager at Paycor and living in Portland, OR.